160W Premium Solar Panel Kit (2 x 80W) With LCD Display

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160W Premium Solar Panel Kit (2 x 80W) With LCD Display

160W Premium Solar Panel Kit (2 x 80W) With LCD Display

160W Premium Solar Panel Kit (2 x 80W) With LCD Display

160W Premium Solar Panel Kit (2 x 80W) With LCD Display

160W Premium Solar Panel Kit (2 x 80W) With LCD Display

160W Premium Solar Panel Kit (2 x 80W) With LCD Display

160W Premium Solar Panel Kit (2 x 80W) With LCD Display

Item No: 2XSWD-80M-VS2024BN

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This kit consists of:

  • 2 x 80W high efficiency waterproof monocrystalline solar panels, each with 5m cable and MC4 connectors
  • Advanced 20A 12/24V solar charge controller with LCD display

2 x 80W solar panels:

These high-efficiency, premium Gernan solar cells perform exceptionally well in low light conditions (particularly when compared to solar cells of other origin) and they produce a good amount of power simply in daylight, even when direct sunlight is not available.
This 160W system is perfect for permanent outdoor use to provide free electricity for charging 12V batteries to power various applications such as in a camper van, motorhome, boat, shed, farm, as well as remote applications such as telecommunications or monitoring equipment. It can also be used to provide a direct power supply for applications not sensitive to changes in input voltage / current (e.g. electric motors or pumps).

Each panel is fitted with 5m of special solar cable which can work at high roof temperatures, with minimum power losses. A pair of male / female MC4 connectors are crimped on the end of cable for easy connection to other solar panels, extension leads or to your existing system (the MC4 connectors can also be cut off when wiring to the screw terminals of a solar charge controller).

The long-lasting, high-efficiency monocrystalline German solar cells and the tough, sealed, aluminium frame will provide years and years of consistent, free power. The waterproof design ensures that the panels can be used in all weather conditions.

These panels also feature innovative 5 busbar solar cells, which are more efficient than the 2, 3 or 4 busbar solar cells used in most other solar panels, and are able to extract more power from the same surface area. This results in a smaller overall solar panel, which is ideal for applications where space is limited. These solar cells are also the best choice for applications in warmer climates, as they operate well even in high ambient temperatures.

Advanced 20A solar charge controller:

This 20A 12V / 24V solar charge controller with LCD display features advanced monitoring and programming features, offering full control over the charging process and the option to adjust various charging parameters and the load work mode. Users can program their own system settings as opposed to using the factory-defined parameters that many simpler controllers are limited to.

The controller uses PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology which increases the charge acceptance of your battery and extends its life. PWM technology can also recover some lost battery capacity.

This charge controller features a full set of electronic protection functions such as stopping reverse current at night (from the battery back to the solar panel), automatic cut off to prevent over-charging and deep discharge, over heating, over load, short circuit and reverse polarity protection.

This controller can work with solar panels with a combined power of up to 320W (12V battery system) / 640W (24V battery system) which means that this kit may be upgraded in the future by adding more solar panels, without the need to change the controller. This solar charge controller is suitable for gel, sealed or flooded batteries with a voltage of 12V or 24V - the controller will determine the working mode automatically.

Additional features:

  • LCD display with multilevel menu operation and a user-friendly interface with 4 multifunctional buttons
  • LED indicators
  • Built in temperature sensor
  • Access to real-time solar panel and battery performance, including: voltage, current, battery state of charge, and temperature.
  • Energy statistics counter which displays the accumulated daily and monthly charge (useful for comparing solar panel performance at different periods)
  • Load work mode can be programmed with a timer if needed (for example to set on/off timers for lighting)
  • Option to create a personalised, "user-defined" battery type with parameters specific to your battery
  • Advanced communications technology (see below)

This model also features advanced communication technology, which offers the user the opportunity to monitor and program parameters for the controller through various methods:

The controller can be connected to a remote meter, a Wi-Fi module or an RJ45 to USB cable.

Using one of these communication methods, the user will gain access to various charging parameters such as voltage, current (separately for solar panel / load), battery state of charge, accumulated charge and discharge energy, min/max voltage and other information. If required the user will also be able to amend the battery type and capacity, set charging volts for different charging stages, specify the duration of each charging stage, create a user-defined battery type with charging parameters specific to their battery (if the pre-existing options are unsuitable), personalise the 'load' settings (e.g. set timers for lighting, fans, pumps) and more.

In addition to the built-in temperature sensor, the controller has a pair of terminals for connecting a remote temperature sensor, which can be attached directly to the battery to measure the battery temperature more precisely and optimise the charging process.

Please note: This is an essentials kit and does not include any mounting accessories or battery cable. If you require these additional items, please purchase them separately.


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  • Power: 160 w
  • Panel Type: Standard
  • MPPT Regulator: PWM
  • LCD Display: Yes
  • Cell Type: German

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