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The Fiamma Awning Guide - Helpnig you make the right choice

Buying an Awning or Privacy Room can be a difficult processes as there several levels of consideration to take when choosing one. By spending time reading through this article you should have a solid view on what suits your needs and matches up with what you’ve got.

We stock the ever, and growing, popular range of Fiamma products. Fiamma has a heritage of quality products as they now celebrate their 65th year of being one of the leading manufacturers of Motorhome and Caravan awnings. Fiamma have always pushed for stylish Italian flair and the use of sophisticated materials to create lightweight awnings and privacy rooms saving your payload for other essentials.

Being a Fiamma specialist we can advise on which privacy room suits your awning and vice versa – we are also one of the first online suppliers for the Wind Blocker Sunshades range which can create a useable outside area usflowing just an awning and using the side panels at a reduced cost.

Fiamma Awning and Privacy Room Advantages & Uses:

  • Having an awning creates your own shaded area.
  • Using a Fiamma Privacy Room you can extend your living space.
  • Come in different colours - match it up with your ‘van or style.
  • Fiamma awnings come in both manual or winch based configurations.
  • Fiamma awnings allow you to keep doors and windows open in rainy weather.

What types of awnings are there?

Fiamma manufacture a wide range of awnings for both Motorhomes and Caravans, those for caravans are traditionally named Caravanstore Awnings although saying that they are not always limited for use on specific vehicles as some awnings are compatible with other vehicles like the F35 Pro awning which can be mounted on roof racks on 4x4’s.

What types of Privacy Room and Side Panels are there?

As a Fiamma Specialist we stock a vast portion of the Privacy Room and Blocker range, which include complete enclosures, sun blockers and side panels for existing Fiamma awnings. The Fiamma Privacy Rooms are delivered enclosures which are fitted under the awning using the including fittings whereas the Fiamma Blockers are merely extra panels which are typically light and inexpensive.  Alternatively you can have ‘Wind Blocker Sunshades’ which create an enclosure of still air but without compromising the view out as the material it’s made from is similar to that of a fine mesh (which allows you to have a draught free outdoor area).

Fiamma Awning Technical Terms:

  • Auto-Lock: Fiamma manufacturers the only awning with a silent opening tanks to the TUV certified self locking winch safety system this means that the awning is safely locked when travelling.
  • Dual Security: This is a special device to indicate whether the awning has been correctly closed before travel.
  • Secure Lock: A vast majority of Fiamma awnings feature telescopic support legs which feature secure locks which allow regulation of the lead bar height.
  • Support Arms: Some Fiamma awnings feature support arms which can be used in conjunction with the Wall Bracket Kit (LINK) standard delivered with most Fiamma awnings.
  • Dual Shock-Absorber: The dual shock-absorber design protects both the awning and vehicle during bad/adverse weather.
  • Presto Fix: Awnings sporting this feature have a built in adjustment system that enables you to gauge the closing of the front awning bar.
  • Privacy Rooms: Some people refer to these Privacy rooms or Safari rooms and sometimes Camp rooms – these rooms are typically clipped, zipped or clicked into place under the awning. Privacy Rooms effectively create extra living space that can be used when out and about as an intermediate between the inside of the Caravan or Motorhome for things like Ski rooms, privacy rooms or general storage.
  • Awning Extension: This is the measurement of the awning when extended, from the awning ‘box to the front of the awning bar or the projection from the wall or roof (depends on the method of mounting) to the front of the awning.
  • Awning Length: This is the length of the awning box from end to end.
  • Wall Installation: Mounting the awning to the wall is decided upon two key elements, the first being the type of awning e.g. Fiamma F45 or F65 – the F45’s are mounted to the Wall and the F65’s are mounted on the roof. Secondly it depends on the vehicle your fitting to for example of the side of the Motorhome is curved and not straight you would be looking to mount the awning to the roof (as the awning box its self is straight) whereas if its straight you can consider the F45 type awnings and fit this up to the wall. Also note that the vehicle will affect fitting method and location particularly on VW T2/3/4/5’s and panel van conversions but these are typically overcome by the use of the Fiamma Mounting Brackets.

Choosing a Fiamma Awning:

When choosing an awning it can be difficult especially considering the large size, cost and personalisation hence why we have spent time making up some tables and comparison tools/assistants for you to compare particular models, ranges and sizes.

The Fiamma Awning Assistant is a useful little tool that will allow you to select an awning which meets specified criteria such as length, extension, height from ground, weight and so on. Keeping the selection as granular as possible it means you accurately find an awning suitable for your vehicle.

Fiamma Awning Assistant - Comparison tool.

The comparison tables show all awnings in a list format showing main features split up into each awning type or model.


Fiamma Winch Awnings


Fiamma Manual Awnings
F45Ti F45Ti L F65 S F65 Fiamma
Zip Light
Caravanstore F35 Pro

Length range

150-450 450-550 260-400 400-490 300-450   280-440 310-410 190-440 180-430
Extension range
104-250 250 200-250 250 250   225 225 180-225 180-225
Weight range
10-29 37-46 23-32 36-44 42-62   24-34.5 17-23 5.4-10.7 6-17
Wall install The Fiamma F45Ti is installed onto your motorhome wall The Fiamma F45Ti L is installed onto your motorhome wall - - The Fiamma Zip Awning is installed onto your motorhome wall   The Fiamma Caravanstore Zip is installed onto your motorhome wall or caravan wall The Fiamma Caravanstore Zip Light is installed onto your motorhome or caravan wall The Fiamma Caravanstore Awning is installed onto your motorhome or caravan wall The Fiamma F35 Pro can be installed on your vehicles wall
Roof install -   The Fiamma F65 S Awning is roof mounted to your motorhome The Fiamma F65 Awning is roof mounted to your motorhome -   - - - -
Install kit included The Fiamma F45Ti is delievered installation kit The Fiamma F45Ti L is delievered installation kit - - -   - - - -
Support legs The Fiamma F45Ti features awning support legs as standard The Fiamma F45Ti L features awning support legs as standard The Fiamma F65 S features awning support legs as standard The Fiamma F65 features awning support legs as standard The Fiamma Zip Awning features awning support legs as standard   The Fiamma Caravanstore Zip features awning support legs as standard - The Fiamma Caravanstore features awning support legs as standard The Fiamma F35 Pro features awning support legs as standard
Wall fixing kit The Fiamma F45Ti is delievered with a wall fixing kit as standard The Fiamma F45Ti L is delievered with a wall fixing kit as standard The Fiamma F65 S is delievered with a wall fixing kit as standard The Fiamma F65 is delievered with a wall fixing kit as standard The Fiamma Zip is delievered with a wall fixing kit as standard   The Fiamma Caravanstore Zip is delievered with a wall fixing kit as standard - The Fiamma Caravanstore is delievered with a wall fixing kit as standard The Fiamma F35 Pro is delievered with a wall fixing kit as standard

Q & A’s:

What are the differences between types of awnings?

Fiamma awnings are separated categorically by:

  • How they are mounted. Be it on the roof (F65), side wall mounted (F45), mounted on the sidewall in an awning channel (Caravanstore range) or mounted on the roof rack and mini-vans/camper conversion (F35).
  • Whether they are manual awnings, i.e. ones you roll out yourself, or are winch type awnings which you wind out and can be a time saver.

Finally whether the awning is featuring a privacy room included as a kit such as the Fiamma ZIP, Caravanstore ZIP and the Caravanstore ZIP Light.

What fits what? Or, what awnings can I fit?

The simplest way to choose is if your Motorhome has a flat wall along the vehicle then you look at the F45 (although you still can consider the F65 range if the roof is flat) otherwise you’re looking at a roof mounted alternative (the F65).

What size awning can I fit?

Depending on the vehicle its going on the awning can vary significantly in size i.e. you can have awnings from 1.5m long to 5.5m so its matter of preference and what you can fit to your ‘van.

How much will an awning weigh?

Awnings can weigh very little in some cases for example the lightest starts at 6KG for the F35 Pro awnings however this awning is relatively small at 1.8m whereas a full size ZIP awning can weigh 62KG but also comes with a privacy room.

Please see our comparison tools for details. (LINK)

How does it fit?

Fitting a Fiamma awning can be relatively straight forward in some instances, most models can have awnings fitted using the Fiamma Awning Brackets (check kits as necessary as some are inclusive).

Alternatively we can offer fitting services, either contact us by phone or using our helpful Quote Me page.

How much does carriage cost?

Asking a courier to transport a long, narrow and something often greater than 20KG can be tricky however we do offer very competitive costs for carriage for example most awnings less than 3.5-3m we can have shipped for £12.

To Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland we can again offer competitive prices and quick turnarounds times, if you’re interested then contact us for an exacting quote.
For example we have shipped F45 (3.0m) awnings for £20 to the Republic whereas many competitors are reluctant.

Can I get it fitted by an engineer?

Yes, awnings can be fitted for as little as £70. For further details please refer to our Quote Me page.

This article was published on Monday 22 November, 2010.


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