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Gaslow Refillable Bottles

Buying Gaslow bottles can be an unnerving process, terminology can be off putting, even the word gas conjures up ideas of danger so we shy away from anything to do with it, but by reading our simple article on gaslow bottles you will be able to quickly and easily purchase the correct refillable system for your needs.

Refillable Gas

Calor has had the market locked down to itself for many years due to its stranglehold on the UK Gas bottle market, but the tide is changing with the advent of self refillable gas systems. 

Underslung gas tanks are fixed in place bulk storage solutions allowing you to store large quantities of Autogas in your vehicle. The drawbacks are that underslung gas tanks are not easily transferrable, have a higher capital cost and usually require professional installation which also attracts a cost.

Refillable Gas Bottles are transferrable, are flexible in that you can purchase a single bottle to integrate into your existing gas system allowing an easy upgrade path for the future, have a much lower initial expenditure cost and can be DIY Installed thereby saving again on funds.

Gaslow Bottle Advantages

Gaslow systems are the market leading refillable gas solution for motorhomes and caravans alike.

Gaslow bottles are safe, incorporating a built in 80% cut off that prevents overfilling

Gaslow bottles keep you in the picture showing you when your gas level is getting low with their unique built in gauge.

Gaslow bottles are reliable and come with a 15 year warranty

Which Gaslow System Do I need ?

Buying a Gaslow kit is easy, the main thing we need to establish first is the gas pressure used in your present system.

If you have a modern UK motorhome / caravan (>2004) and have a regulator inside your gas locker that is mounted on the back wall with hoses (pigtails) that go from the regulator to the bottles then you more than likely have a 30mbar (millibar) system (The regulator itself should have the pressure marked on it to confirm this) and so you then have a choice of either making up a gaslow kit yourself a la carte style or utilise one of the ready made Gaslow 30Mb kits we sell which have all you need to install a gaslow system.

 Changeover or Not ?

A changeover valve is a time saving and hassle free device that is a no brainer when installing a gaslow kit. Without a changeover valve you will need to open up the gas locker, use your trusty gas spanner (or not if you have an easyfit hoze fitting) and then undo the pigtail hose fitting from the now empty bottle and transfer it to the full bottle. In our experience this can be a stressful time, it usually happens at the most inoportune period (in rain / at night) so you are stood outside half asleep, fumbling around with a torch, getting wet and grazing knuckles in the confines of the gas locker. On the other side of the coin with an automatic changeover valve you can sleep soundly and see in the morning that one bottle ran out during the night but the system automatically (hence the name) switched to the full bottle. A manual changoever valve although not intervention free like its more expensive automatic cousin does save time as you can simply open the locker and flip the valve position to point to the full bottle in a trice and be back in nice, warm, dry van.

 Some customers try and save money by buying our Premium range of Gaslow Kits which have manual instead of automatic changeover valves but in our opinion the cost saving which can be as little as £20 doesn't outweigh the hassle factor of having to get out of bed at 2am in the rain to switch over bottles (as gas invariable seems to run out in these conditions !!)

Filler Mounting position

There are basically two mounting positions for the filler, either inside the gas locker on a mounting bracket or in the skirt of the motorhome / caravan.

Mounting on a bracket inside the locker has the advantage of making the gaslow system easily transferrable to another vehicle, whereas drilling a hole in the skirt leaves a hole that requires plugging if transferring your gaslow bottles to a new vehicle.

gaslow bottles external filling point gaslow bottles filling point mounted inside on bracket

Note: Gaslow do not recommend mounting the filler into the gas locker door as the continual opening and closing the door might cause undue stress on the hoses and fittings.

Gaslow R67 Bottles Advantages

Gaslow has now released the new R67 bottles, these have the following advantages:-

  • The new Gaslow R67 Bottles have improved multivalves.
  • An improved gauge system that offers a mechanically accurate contents reading.
  • Excess flow valve prevents full flow of gas if the hose ruptures.
  • Internal Filter
  • Over pressure safety device.
  • 10 Year warranty as per the R67 standard.

Gaslow Q & A's

Q1. Are the bottles you supply the new style with gauges and smaller handle ?
A1. Yes all Outdoorbits bottles are the latest versions.

Q2. Do I need to get Gaslow bottles professionally installed  by a certified fitter ?
A2. No, Gaslow systems can be DIY Installation.

Q3. What is the gas used in Gaslow Bottles ?
A3. Gaslow bottles use Autogas. Autogas is widely available and is a mixture of Propane and Butane allowing use in most standard temperature conditions.

Q4. How do I find out where to fill up with Autogas ?
A4. has a European LPG Directory which is easily searchable here:

The direct link to the LPG Map is
Other sources of LPG Station locations are as follows:-

This article was published on Tuesday 10 August, 2010.


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