SAS Wheelclamps

SAS Wheelclamps

We stock the sas products range of wheelclamps

Use our Wheelclamp selection guide below to ensure you choose the right clamp. The table is intended as a guide only for selecting a suitable wheelclamp, but due to there being so many different tyres and rim configurations, we can't be held responsible for any inconvenience should it not fit your wheel.

SAS Wheelclamp guide

Measure your wheel to obtain A/B/C and D Measurements above then consult the table below to choose the relevant wheelclamp

Product Code Model Steel Wheels Alloy Wheels Approx Rim Diameter (B) Tyre Width (C) Wheel Bolt Circumference (D)
1110101 Supaclamp Duo Wheelclamp 10-15" 160-225mm Max 270mm
1120121 Supaclamp Duo Silver Wheelclamp 10-15" 160-225mm Max 270mm
1130171 Supaclamp Duo Gold Wheelclamp 10-15" 160-225mm Max 270mm
1211101 HD1 Wheelclamp   10-15" 110-195mm Max 280mm
1221701 HD2 Wheelclamp   10-15" 165-225mm Max 280mm
1231701 HD3 Wheelclamp   12-16" 165-225mm Max 305mm
1232701 HD3L Wheelclamp   12-16" 200-300mm Max 305mm
1241701 HD4 Wheelclamp   10" Flotation 165-215mm Max 275mm
1310101 Trailer Wheelclamp   8"/10"/12"    


Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 products)

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 products)

Minimum Tyre Diameter
Maximum Tyre Diameter
Minimum Tyre Width
Maximum Tyre Width

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Good afternoon, Didn't know where else to send this! Just a quick note to say thank you. My reversing/parking camera parcel arrived @ 07.55 this morning! Can't wait to get it fitted and get on the road again & see where I've been! Fiona ... Read more...


Hello, You fitted a solar panel for me in July 2014 and I just wanted to let you know that it has performed amazingly since. It has far exceeded my expectations and has been running a 12v Waeco compressor fridge, charging our phones and iPads, our lights, fan and Propex heater and keeping our eng ... Read more...


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