What is a SOG ?

What is a SOG ?

Download SOG Leaflet in Adobe PDF Format HERE
Download SOG Unit Fitting Instructions for Type A Sog Units HERE
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Download SOG Fitting Instructions for Type 3000A HERE
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How the SOG System Works:

Layman Terms:-

Toilets in Motorhomes and Caravans smell, it's a fact of life and the reason why is that instead of the waste being flushed away and replaced by lovely clean fresh water as it does in a house it instead sits festering and decaying under the seat in the sealed toilet cassette container, with warm weather and altitude the pressure inside increases as the contents of the toilet decomposes and gives off gas. You open the toilet flap to use the toilet and immediately the pressurised gas vents into the bathroom producing foul smells which ordinarily you might use toilet chemicals to mask. The problem with toilet chemicals is the smell of them can be off-putting also and nearly all of them are bad for the environment and costly and take up space to carry around, they stain seemingly everything they come into touch with and finally they take up some of the valuable space inside the toilet cassette itself meaning more often emptying is needed.

With the SOG your toilet cassette is permanently vented to the external outside air (via a filter to remove the smells) and so no pressure builds up in the cassette, so no immediate smell to vent into the bathroom when using the toilet. Once you open the flap to use the toilet this activates the SOG fan which pulls clean air into the toilet pan, through the cassette and out to the sog filter. As air is going into the cassette this produces a negative pressure so smells cannot waft out, alongside this the increased oxygen levels with the cassette cause decomposition to hasten which is the other job the toilet chemicals are supposed to do.

The Technical Explanation

The SOG ventilator is switched on as soon as the blade valve starts to open and is switched off again when the blade valve is closed. The fact that no smells can leave the waste holding tank is brought about by - as soon as the ventilator is switched on there is a suction effect in the waste holding tank which draws in fresh air through the blade valve. This down-flow acts as a seal and prevents the gases and smells from rising. The fresh air that is drawn in removes the new odours in the toilet bowl when it is being used.

The decomposition process for sewage and toilet paper is accelerated by the increased flow of oxygen so that no additional chemicals are required. Ordinary toilet paper, not special for chemical toilets, should be used so that this is decomposed completely. The exhaust ventilator with its motor has been specially developed for sanitary systems. The power consumption is approximately 0.43 watt.

Motorhome SOG System Kits

The SOG Motorhome Toilet Ventilation System is the ecological solution for motorhome and caravan toilets.

Advantages over standard chemical toilets:

  • It is 100% chemical free.
  • Low running costs as ordinary toilet paper can be used and no chemicals needed.
  • Low power consumption
  • Flexibility when wild camping etc as no requirement to use a chemical WC Toilet emptying point and normal toilets can be used for emptying due to the lack of chemicals. You can also empty whenever the chance arises safe in the knowledge that a fresh batch of chemicals isn't going to be wasted.
  • Unwanted aromas no longer present inside motorhome even when SOG System is in use.
  • Emptying process easier as the contents of the cassette are decomposed more than without SOG.

All Thetford waste holding tanks can be modified for the SOG toilet ventilation system.

The equipment makes the use of chemicals superfluous : optimal decomposition is guaranteed and unpleasant odours are removed including during use.



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